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Baker's Cyst

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Baker's Cyst

Do you have pain and swelling at the back of the knee?

How an Active650 Knee Sleeve can help Bakers Cyst

A Baker's Cyst is a fluid filled swelling at the back of the knee. Sometimes it is associated with clicking or locking of the knee as well as the swelling and pain.

It can occur when an existing condition (eg. arthritis) or injury (eg. from previous trauma) causes the knee joint to over-produce fluid in response to the damage. The fluid then collects and causes a swelling at the back of the knee.

Reduce the primary cause of pain and reduce the cyst

If you reduce the aggravation and irritation of the initial cause of pain, the joint produces less fluid and the cyst will gradually disappear.

An Active650 Knee Sleeve cushions the joint and helps to offload the stresses that aggravate the site of pain, helping both the Baker's Cyst and the primary, underlying cause of pain.



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