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Shin Splints

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Compression Support for Shin Splint Pain

"Shin Splints" is a generic term for pain at the front of the lower leg

Shin splints running pain, compression calf guards

Whilst shin splints are almost always an overuse injury, there are 2 main types:

  1. Bone stress: where ground forces transferred through the shin bone (tibia) become sufficient to cause a pain reaction on the surface of the bone. In severe cases this can develop into a stress fracture.
  2. Muscle pain: where the muscle used to pull the toes upwards (tibialis anterior) gets damaged, causing pain and inflammation.
Shin splints symptoms and pain
How can an Active650 Calf Sleeve help?

There are many types of compression garments that claim to increase blood flow to the shin area but an Active650 Calf Sleeve X-long does all of that and more. By cradling all of the muscles in the lower leg with superior support it reduces the jarring and stresses on the shin, providing greater protection against injury and faster recovery from injury.

The unique elasticity of the fabric means that it can be worn for long periods and it can also be worn comfortably under socks and shin pads.

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