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A Knee Sleeve that doesn't slip or bunch


If you have owned knee sleeves and found that they slipped, bunched, pinched and were too uncomfortable to wear, you are not alone.  This is the very thing that drove us to create what is fast becoming known as The Nation's most comfortable knee support.

Active650 Knee Sleeve is best as it will not slip

Research and feedback helped to design the Active650 Knee Sleeve and the incredible volume of customer reviews tell us that we've got it right.

What Our Customers Say

Five star reviews from real customers

(Over 1000 reviews)

It Doesn't Slip or Bunch
  • "Amazing, so comfortable and no wrinkling" - Pat S.
  • "At last a knee support that doesn't roll over at the ends" - Mr G.
  • "does NOT roll up or down" - Albert G.
  • "no bunching, slipping or rolling down" - Katherine B.
Unrivalled Comfort
  • "Very comfortable and helps me very much" - Della M.
  • "more comfortable than any I've tried in the past" - Ann B.
  • "Wow, didn't realise how comfortable they are." - Peter W.
  • "Brilliant, l can't believe how comfortable this is and the pain relief is wonderful." - June C.


Pain Relief and Comfort is now Available

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