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About us

Active650 is the name to turn to for high quality, superior comfort, joint and muscle supports that are designed to reduce pain and keep you active.

What motivates us?

We are driven by a desire to get and keep all of our customers active, whatever your own personal 'active' may be.

We started as a company designing and manufacturing custom made / bespoke products for Physical Therapists (Physiotherapists) at British Premier League Football Clubs. Our initial "Thigh Sleeve" was extremely successful and lead to us collaborating on designs for the elbow, bicep, calf, wrist, thumb, ankle and our best seller the Knee Sleeve.

Trust the Active650 Knee Sleeve - it works

Our unique fabric, combined with proven designs lead us to expand our client base. While we still supply many top level sportspeople we have modified designs to cater for all shapes, sizes, ages and levels of activity.

The elasticity of our Active650 fabric has sufficient expansion to allow free movement of every joint and muscle, but enough contraction to provide superior support and compression targeted to where it is needed.

We have worked closely with Partners in the Medical profession to ensure that all of our products are safe and effective and will give you the confidence to stay active.

Please have a look at our products.


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