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X-Over Ankle Support


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 Measure from the point of your heel to the top of your ankle.

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A Support for Ankle and Plantar Fascia

The Active650 X-Over Ankle Support has been designed for those suffering from Plantar Fascia pain and minor ankle issues.  It's lightweight design makes it ideal for wearing for extended periods and will fit comfortably under any sock or shoe.

Active650 X-Over Ankle Support helps to relieve plantar fasciitis pain

The Active650 X-Over Ankle Support targets the plantar fascia and reduces the stress on the tissue in the arch of the foot.  Comfortable enough to be worn all day it can be used for sport, for work or whatever activity you choose.

Why our customers like the X-Over:

  • It eases pain and discomfort 
  • It fits comfortably in any shoe 
  • It provides support without restriction 
  • It stays in place 
  • It's simple to pull on 
  • It aids rehabilitation 
  • Like a watch, you forget's it's there 

The Active650 Difference

Unique fabric with superior stretch 
Unrivalled comfort
Allows full range of movement
Will not slip

    Proper fit is Very Important

      • If you measure on the border please select the next size up.
      • Please measure the circumference from the point of your heel to the top of your ankle.

    Active650 products are all made in the USA.  We ship to Canada

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